Spray Tan | Before & After Care Advice



  1. Exfoliate your body the day before using an exfoliating glove/scrub to make the tan last sit nicely on the skin.
  2. On the day of your appointment, make sure you do not have anything on your skin e.g. moisturiser, deodorant, makeup etc. This will prevent the tan from sticking to your skin. We provide wipes if you need to remove anything before your tan.
  3. Wear loose clothing to prevent the tan getting patchy.


    1. When you arrive you will be taken to our Spray Tan room. There are disposable female/male g-strings and hairnets available to use if you don't wish to be completely naked. Remove all jewellery.
    2. Step into our tanning tent.
    3. One of our tanning pros will enter the room after a few minutes and then coat you in our Black Magic tan to your preferred colour. 
    4. If you are being spray tanned topless try avoid wearing a bra afterwards.


    1. While the tan is developing on the skin it is important to not get wet.
    2. This includes sweating as it will make your tan run and the outcome can make your tan patchy.
    3. Once your tan has developed and has been on your skin for at least 6-8 hours, jump in the shower to wash off the excess tan residue.
    4. After your shower, you will be left with a gorgeous, even tan!
    5. You may sleep in your tan for a longer developing period to achieve the darkest look.


    1. MOISTURISE! Keeping your skin moisturised and soft will help with how long your tan lasts for.
    2. Avoid exfoliating as this will scrub your tan off.
    3. Avoid prolonged showers, baths, spas.
    4. Always wear sunscreen. Spray tan is not a form of sun protection.  
    5. When you want to remove your tan, use an exfoliating glove, mitt or scrub to buff away the tan
    6. Tanning longevity lasts and differs depending on how well you follow the above steps. If all instructions have been followed, the tan should last up to 1- 2 weeks.


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